Sunday, 9 March 2014

Engineering exam result declared; 65% first year students fail

India Today

About two-thirds of the students who appeared for the first year engineering exam of the Mumbai University in December have failed.

According to the results declared on Friday, out of 29,565 students from all affiliated colleges who appeared for the first semester exam only 10,245 have passed. That is just 35%, which is the same pass percentage at the exam in the previous year.
Students are blaming on the tough curriculum and poor quality of teaching. However, according to teachers, with the increase in number of colleges, the quality of students opting for engineering is declining.
The results come 75 days after the exam, way beyond the agreed 45 days period mandated under the Maharashtra University Act 1994.

The delay was due to glitches in the online assessment system which was introduced recently to fasten the work.

From the details available from the officials, out of 11 papers, students fared worst in computer programming-1. On the other hand, 81% students failed the first semester exam in 2011-12 as there were no improvements in the performance.

"The curriculum at the engineering level is much higher as compared to class 12, so we find it difficult to cope up. Moreover, many of the teachers don't know how to teach," complained one student, who failed in two papers despite of attending private tutorials.

Students also doubted on the online assessment system. "We don't know how well they scanned thousands of answer papers. There could be something wrong as I thought I had done quite well," said another student. He plans to apply for revaluation of his papers.

The professors, however, point to a "lack of skills" among students. Padma Deshmukh, controller of exams, said, "Since the number of engineering colleges has gone up these days, the quality of students is declining. Those who don't have engineering skills are also doing the engineering course."

According to recent reports, the results of 1,358 students have been withheld due to the low resolution of the answer sheets scanned on low quality scanners. The exam house would scan them again to complete the assessment.

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