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Post Graduate Diploma in Family Business (PGDFB) Programme

Programme Duration:1 year

Eligibility for Admission:

  1. Bachelor's degree with minimum of 50% marks from any statutory/recognized University and relevant business experience of at least 2 years
  2. Direct involvement in one's family business

Selection Procedure for the Programme: Eligible candidates will be interviewed by a panel of learned faculty for final selection. Preference will be given to those who wish to corporatize their family businesses

Intake: 25 seats each Programme.

Important Dates

PG Diploma in Family Business
Online Registration / Prospectus Sale
7th April 2014
Last date for registration (Diploma)
24th May 2014
Short List for Personal Interviews
2nd June 2014
Personal Interviews
14th & 15th June 2014
Merit List
18th June 2014
Last date for paying fees – Merit List
30th June 2014
Commencement of the programme
5th July 2014

Programme Fees:

Fees for the entire programme
1st Installment
2nd Installment
3rd Installment
Post Graduate Diploma in Family Business

Note: Fees is inclusive of examination fees, convocation, medical etc. If there are any backlog papers then extra fees shall be charged per subject.

Refund Rules for the Programme:

From the date of payment of fees for cancellations made within 8 days (Date of payment inclusive) 75% of the fees will be refunded. Cancellations made within 15 days - 50% of the fees will be refunded from 16th day onwards no fees shall be refunded
Note: Students cancelling admission after course commencement for non-fulfillment of eligibility criteria - Refund shall be made on prorate basis.

Procedure for Refund of Fees:

To cancel your admission you need to inform the Institute immediately about your cancellation through a written communication / mail or else your withdrawal will not be treated valid from that date. As soon as you have communicated, you need to send us the original challan copy of the fees paid, along with an application signed by you, after receiving the same a cheque or demand draft would be sent to you.

Family businesses play an important role in shaping the national economy and as per a Credit Suisse study; two out of every three listed companies in India are family-controlled, making India the country with the highest presence of family businesses in Asia. The huge potential to create employment coupled with their long-term vision enables the family firms make a unique contribution to the global economy as well as to society in general. In recent times, a number of traditional family run businesses have been able to transform their organizations through the adoption of contemporary management practices. This has resulted in enabling their stupendous growth and huge profits. Many of these traditionally proprietor-driven companies have become Board-driven and have been pioneering several exemplary practices in the area of business management.

Our aim at SIBM Pune is to create and nurture leaders who will forge ahead to create a vibrant future for family-owned businesses. Given that we have completed 36 years of creating business leaders for the future we would like to continue this tradition and train, add value and mentor the future leaders of India’s finest family companies.

Our Post Graduate Diploma of Family Business Programme launched in 2012 is a unique approach to ensure that family business owners learn to appreciate and integrate key issues such as adherence to systems, transparency of business processes, an analysis of best management and governance practices and family continuity and leadership acceptability challenges. This will help in delivering an extra edge to those family businesses which are gearing up to become more competitive. Our programme is spread over a period of one year across two semesters. It requires the participant to visit our Institute for just 5 days five times a year for on-campus classroom sessions and the remaining time can be used in applying the concepts learnt and discussed during the on-campus sessions for their businesses.

The key objective of our programme is to prepare the participant of the PGDFB programme for a leadership role in his/her family business and to be a powerful influence in the family run business. With the need for family businesses to play to their strengths in the global competitive arena, it is time now to apply a professional approach as well as equip yourself with a Post Graduate Diploma in Family Business!

The highlights of the programme are:

  • 5x5 approach: the 5x5 approach means that participants need to spend only 25 days on the campus (5 days during each of the 5 visits during the year). This gives them ample scope to focus on their business while continuing to pursue the PGDFB programme.
  • Interactive Sessions: During the visits to the campus, the sessions that will be offered will involve a mix of interactive discussions, case study analysis with a focus on contemporary business practices.
  • Project Based Learning: The project based learning approach will ensure that participants actually get to apply all the concepts learnt in the class in their real on-the-job situation. These projects will be decided in consultation with the faculty and the monitoring of the projects will be done by the faculty.
  • Mentoring: The faculty guides will continuously mentor the participants to ensure that the learning from the projects is well assimilated and truly enriching for participants.

Objective of the PGDFB Programme

The objectives of the programme aim at enabling participants to:

  • Operate as an effective family business owner-manager
  • Develop themselves as effective entrepreneurs,
  • Become adept at strategizing and deploying the best management practices,
  • Lead people effectively and unleash their potential, and
  • Conduct themselves as socially responsible businessmen.

To fulfill the abovementioned objectives a suitable structure and the mix of the desired courses have been prepared after intensive deliberation among the faculty of SIBM Pune. The structure given below explains how the course focuses on the most relevant and contemporary topics that will enable participants to play their role as business leaders and take their organizations to new levels of competitiveness.

SIBM Pune’s 5x5 advantage - for your Family Business

The 5x5 advantage is a uniquely designed approach that enables family business owners pursue the SIBM Pune business management certification (PGDFB) while continuing to focus on their business.

The approach is unique because it blends class-room learning with real on-the-job projects that are mentored by experienced and competent faculty of SIBM Pune. The 5x5 approach means that participants will be present on the SIBM Pune campus for 5 days during each of their 5 visits during the year. Therefore, by sparing just 25 days in a year from their busy schedules they will be able to acquire the prized certification of SIBM Pune.


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